000000Reserved; convenient value for "No valid node ID assigned" 0*****Reserved; Leading 0 byte indicates uninitialized or non-standard Node ID 1*****OpenLCB GroupReserved for well-known global identifiers 110000Reserved for well-known EventIDs (see EidAllocations sheet; this is referred to as "OpenLCB vnode" there) 111***Reserved for CBUS-defined EventIDs (specifically when last two bytes zero); see EidAllocations sheet, where this is referred to as "CBUS vnode" 199****OpenLCB GroupXpressNet translation 1129****OpenLCB GroupLocoNet packet transport 1238****OpenLCB GroupDCC translation 2*****OpenLCB GroupManufacturer-specific assignments 21****Manufacturer space bank 1 (by NMRA Mfg ID byte) 2113***DIY (shared unmanaged space, not recommended for individual use) 2118***JMRIJMRI (e.g. for use in software solutions) 21235***MERG 21238***NMRA reserved 3*****OpenLCB GroupSelf-assigning groups space 30****NMRA member number assignments 34****MERG member number assignment 38****CBUS - for mapping existing modules, using the "Layout ID" etc defined by CBUS 4*****OpenLCB GroupIndividual UIDs allocated by automated requests 400***OpenLCB GroupAllocated through OpenLCB.org 5*****OpenLCB GroupSpecifically assigned ranges 5100**OpenLCB Group8-bit assigned ranges 51111*DavidHarris 51112*AlexShepherd 51113*BobJacobsen 51114*SPCoastFor experimental and prototype efforts 51115*GregOberfield 51116*TCH Technologyhttp://www.tchtechnology.comHello, not sure I needed this, I already have a NMRA number. Thanks Tim 51117*Mustangpeak 51118*TomAndersen 51119*Railflyer Technologies Inc. 511110*Telecom Paristech 511111*GeoffreyCrick 511112*PrivatePrivate layout 511113*JanHansen 511114*Digital Train Labwww.digitaltrainlab.com 511115*RenatoConca 511116*Emanuele Zampieri 511117*MicROCZEKIntent: to put an internet operated n-scale layout online. 511118*MikaelSundin 511119*LucBos 511120*BalazsRaczExperimental / prototype development 511121*Texas Western Railroad Association 511122*YuriyGorvitovskiy 511123*Mustangpeak 511124*BalazsRaczhttps://github.com/bakerstu/openmrnUsed for demo applications of the OpenMRN project which includes an OpenLCB implementation 511125*TxNamibwww.TxNamib.com 511126*Evilidel Rio i Silvan 511127*Model Railroad Control Systemshttp://www.modelrailroadcontrolsystems.com/ 511128*CMRI SIGYahoo cmri_users listfor testing interworking with LCC 511129*TrainModuleshttp://www.trainmodules.com/TrainModules NaWi digital central contains CAN interface, and NMRANet/OpenLCB support can be choosed. 511130*Belmont Shore RRI really would like a larger range for this group ... 511131*4D PNR HO Modular Grouphttp://4dho.com/LCC representative for our group. 511132*GerardCroixfor DIY use with Arduinos, thanks. 52****OpenLCB Group16-bit assigned ranges 5212**Railstars 53****OpenLCB Group24-bit assigned ranges 60****OpenLCB GroupDC system 6*****OpenLCB GroupLocomotive control systems 61****OpenLCB GroupDCC operated 62****OpenLCB GroupTMCC operated 63****OpenLCB GroupMarklin/Motorola system 64****OpenLCB GroupMTH DCS 7*****OpenLCB Group(tentative) RFID messages as events, need 3 bytes in NID for 40 bit tag 255*****Reserved, indicates an error e.g. reset non-volative memory