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This page shows the ranges of OpenLCB Unique ID's that have been assigned to date.

For more information on OpenLCB, please see the documentation page. For more information on OpenLCB unique ID assignment, please see the current draft specification and technical note.

Range. '*' means that any values are accepted in that byte.Delegating organization or personURLComment
0***** Reserved; Leading 0 byte indicates uninitialized or non-standard Node ID
000000 Reserved; convenient value for "No valid node ID assigned"
1*****OpenLCB GroupReserved for well-known global identifiers
110000 Reserved for well-known EventIDs (see EidAllocations sheet; this is referred to as "OpenLCB vnode" there)
111*** Reserved for CBUS-defined EventIDs (specifically when last two bytes zero); see EidAllocations sheet, where this is referred to as "CBUS vnode"
163****OpenLCB GroupXpressNet translation
181****OpenLCB GroupLocoNet packet transport
1EE****OpenLCB GroupDCC translation
2*****OpenLCB GroupManufacturer-specific assignments
21**** Manufacturer space bank 1 (by NMRA Mfg ID byte)
21D*** DIY (shared unmanaged space, not recommended for individual use)
2112***JMRIJMRI (e.g. for use in software solutions)
21EB*** MERG
21EE*** NMRA reserved
3*****OpenLCB GroupSelf-assigning groups space
30**** NMRA member number assignments
34**** MERG member number assignment
38**** CBUS - for mapping existing modules, using the "Layout ID" etc defined by CBUS
4*****OpenLCB GroupIndividual UIDs allocated by automated requests
400***OpenLCB GroupAllocated through
5*****OpenLCB GroupSpecifically assigned ranges
5100**OpenLCB Group8-bit assigned ranges
51111*David Harris
51112*Alex Shepherd
51113*Bob Jacobsen
51114*SPCoastFor experimental and prototype efforts
51115*Greg Oberfield
51116*TCH Technologyhttp://www.tchtechnology.comHello, not sure I needed this, I already have a NMRA number. Thanks Tim
51118*Tom Andersen
51119*Railflyer Technologies Inc.
5111A*Telecom Paristech
5111B*Geoffrey Crick
5111C*PrivatePrivate layout
5111D*Jan Hansen
5111E*Digital Train
5111F*Renato Conca
511110*Emanuele Zampieri
511111*MicROCZEKIntent: to put an internet operated n-scale layout online.
511112*Mikael Sundin
511113*Luc Bos
511114*Balazs RaczExperimental / prototype development
511115*Texas Western Railroad Association
511116*Yuriy Gorvitovskiy
511118*Balazs Racz for demo applications of the OpenMRN project which includes an OpenLCB implementation
51111A*Evili del Rio i Silvan
51111B*Model Railroad Control Systems
51111C*CMRI SIGYahoo cmri_users listfor testing interworking with LCC
51111D*TrainModules NaWi digital central contains CAN interface, and NMRANet/OpenLCB support can be choosed.
51111E*Belmont Shore RRI really would like a larger range for this group ...
51111F*4D PNR HO Modular Group representative for our group.
511120*Gerard Croixfor DIY use with Arduinos, thanks.
52****OpenLCB Group16-bit assigned ranges
53****OpenLCB Group24-bit assigned ranges
6*****OpenLCB GroupLocomotive control systems
60****OpenLCB GroupDC system
61****OpenLCB GroupDCC operated
62****OpenLCB GroupTMCC operated
63****OpenLCB GroupMarklin/Motorola system
64****OpenLCB GroupMTH DCS
7*****OpenLCB Group(tentative) RFID messages as events, need 3 bytes in NID for 40 bit tag
FF***** Reserved, indicates an error e.g. reset non-volative memory