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CANdiy Shield

It is almost compatible with OpenLCB/LCC.
NB – Although pins 3 and 7 on the RJ45s should be joined together, pin 6 is not. This needs to be jumpered by a short wire between pins 6 and 7 on one of the RJ45s should do it.

NB – The voltage on the OpenLCB/LCC bus may exceed the voltage range permitted by the Arduino. Use caution if jumpering JP2.

NB – The RJ45s may not be compliant, as they may not be rated to carry 500 mA. However: “I purchased a few Watterott boards several months ago.  Looks like this is the RJ45 connector included with the board: Here is the Product Spec document: It has a rating of 1.5A at 25C and 0.2A at 70C.  It looks like it can handle 0.5A up to about 65C.”

  • Microchip CAN Controller (SPI)
  • CAN Transceiver
    Switchable between 3V3 or 5V logic level (only CANdiy-Shield v2)
  • 2 CAN connectors (RJ45)
  • Prototyping Area
  • Compatible with all Arduino Boards (SPI connection via 6-Pin ISP connector)
  • Documentation on

Pins 4,5,6 are passed thru. But 6 is not connected to 3 and 7.
Can draw power from bus optionally, but see notes above.

See: for schematics, etc.
Want to buy v2 at least.

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