Layout Command Control™ (LCC)

NMRA LCC LogoThis page contains Standard and Technical Note documents that the NMRA LCC Working Group is managing through the various stages of the Adoption Process being made available here as:

Adopted LCC Documents (2021-04-25)

Note: The documents below were all adopted on 2021-07-02, which is shown on the LCC cover page, however to minimise confusion the date in the filename is kept the same as the OpenLCB document date.

Download all PDF files in a single ZIP file: LCC-Standards-and-TechNotes-Adopted-2021-07-02

9.7.0 – Information
TN- (Previous) Glossary – Technical Note
TN- (Previous) Common Information – Technical Note
S- (Previous) Unique Identifiers – Standard
TN- (Previous) Unique Identifiers – Technical Note
S- (Previous) Event Identifiers – Standard
TN- (Previous) Event Identifiers – Technical Note
9.7.1 – Physical Layer
S- (Previous) (Previous) CAN Physical Layer – Standard
TN- (Previous) (Previous) CAN Physical Layer – Technical Note
9.7.2 – Data Link Layer
S- (Previous) CAN Frame Transfer – Standard
TN- (Previous) CAN Frame Transfer – Technical Note
9.7.3 – Network & Transport Layer
S-9.7.3-MessageNetwork-2021-04-25 (Previous) Message Network – Standard
TN-9.7.3-MessageNetwork-2021-04-25 (Previous) Message Network – Technical Note
S- (Previous) Event Transport – Standard
TN- (Previous) Event Transport – Technical Note
S- (Previous) Datagram Transport – Standard
TN- (Previous) Datagram Transport – Technical Note
9.7.4 – Session Layer
S- (Previous) Configuration Description Information – Standard
TN- (Previous) Configuration Description Information -Technical Note
S- (Previous) Memory Configuration – Standard
TN- (Previous) Memory Configuration – Technical Note
S- (Previous) Simple Node Information – Standard
TN- (Previous) Simple Node Information – Technical Note
S- Firmware Upgrade – Standard
TN- Firmware Upgrade – Technical Note
S- Broadcast Time – Standard
TN- Broadcast Time – Technical Note

Completed LCC Documents – Submitted for NMRA Adoption

Draft LCC Documents – Submitted for Public Comment