Latest Set of LCC Standards and Technical Notes are ready for NMRA Adoption

The OpenLCB Group are pleased to announce the latest set (2016-02-06) of LCC Standards and Technical Notes (Download ZIP file) are ready for Adoption by the NMRA BoD at their next meeting. This provides a complete and coherent set of standards to enable manufacturers to develop LCC products.

We have also published a subsequent set (2016-02-08) of LCC Standards and Technical Notes (Download ZIP file) that are ready for public comment. This set adds DCC Signals on pins (4&5) to S- & TN- and also introduces the Node Firmware Upgrade S- & TN- capability.

This is the culmination of many (hundreds) hours of work from the core members of The OpenLCB Group and many other volunteers proof reading, checking technical details, providing feedback and prototyping designs to prove the protocols work as intended, in the real (model) world. Many thanks to all those who contributed.

These and other LCC documents are available on the Layout Command Control (LCC) page or via direct links to each section:


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